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Humanitarian Technology Startup

We are an IT solution provider which focuses on enhancing the operational processes of humanitarian agencies.  We have several first-hand experiences of the impact of humanitarian agencies and we are also conversant with the challenges that they encounter. In view of our profound knowledge of the activities of NGOs, we leverage our expertise in the IT industry to design bespoke solutions specifically targeted to the operations of NGOs and their services.
At Vektrum, we are development partners with NGOs and have tagged ourselves as “humanitarian technology company”.  We shall continue to empower humanitarian agencies with the technology required for them to achieve their objectives.



Easy. Fast. Secure.

We invent technologies to enhance the processes of collation and interpretation of research data which will ultimately uplift the quality of services provided for people in need. We develop project management platforms that enable the project teams to work as a unified framework. Our technologies foster the seamless execution of projects, achievement of SMART goals, and measurement of empirical results.

At Vectrum, we are a team of professional application developers, coupled with the experience of our key personnel in the humanitarian industry, we have a first-hand knowledge of the operational procedures of humanitarian NGOs. The core of our service is to develop custom software solutions that automate field activities, internal operations, communications, and report systems of NGOs.


Insights is an Early Warning System that gathers data about events (incidents) happening in a focal area, analyzes the data, generates reports to understand the context better, and captures patterns. The platform is equipped with an artificial intelligence that allows capturing of pertinent trends and patterns. Insights provides a cloud-based data repository system which is accessible remotely, and round the clock.

Interactive analysis, without boundaries

Ask any question and quickly explore across all your data for insight, using powerful search engine and interactive filters. All analytics update instantly with each click, no matter how deep you go. There’s is no limit to exploration and no data left behind

Simply smarter visualizations

Innovative visualizations put your data in the right context to answer any question. Explore data and pinpoint outliers. Use advanced analytics and geographic calculation to broaden insight. And it's fully interactive - easily pan, zoom, and make selections to find insights visually.

Create and explore on any device

Enjoy the same amazing experience, including creation, exploration, and collaboration, from any device – phone, tablet, or desktop, directly at the point of action. Insights is built from the ground up with responsive mobile design and touch interaction



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